R Vint Engineering Limited has the in-house skills and experience to create innovative and sustainable masterplans for your area.  This experience covers areas of differing scale and character, from the creation of visions for historical cities such as York and Colchester to new settlements at for example Riverside One, Middlehaven.

Our experience has shown that in the development of masterplans and regeneration schemes, it is essential that we capture local skills and aspects that make the area special and build on the great things that the area already has.  We listen; no-one likes an outsider to come in and steamroll through their town with what they think is correct.  Instead we spend time in a place and get to know how it functions and how it wants to operate, and start to develop an idea of how we think it should operate.  It is only through observing and listening that we can capture the energy of a place.  Using these positive aspects and correcting some of the challenges with the public on board means we can harness the energy of the local residents to turn a good location into a great place, using its strengths to their full potential.  Understanding what is flexible and fixed as part of this process and allows us to then explore what is feasible, so our attention is focused and managed in the areas where it can have the greatest impact.

Managing expectation is just as important, especially in the current economic climate.  Our work as practitioners who have not only created masterplans, but developed them from detailed design through to the construction phase is a vital attribute to have.  Having the experience of managing the expectations of the whole community as well as the skill to push expectations further is key in the creating platforms for sustainable regeneration.  Having a final vision but then knowing how this can be built up in a series of layers enables us to demonstrate how an optimistic plan can be realised without costing the earth on day one, and ensuring each development that is brought forward will always complement the overall vision for the town.

LN6 Project