North Hykeham LN6 Growth Plan Project

  • LN6 Project

Client – North Kesteven Council / Lincoln Council / LN6 Group; Regeneration Funding Specialist – GENECON; Role – Civil; Structural and Movement Engineering


Straddling the border between Lincoln and North Kestevens, the LN6 area is a major business zone for the wide Lincolnshire county.  As part of the Genecon team, R Vint Engineering is developing a future vision that will explore how the true potential growth of the area can be realised.  This great project sees R Vint Engineering teaming up with our great colleagues at Genecon again, to assist our client at North Kesteven Council, with whom we worked a number of years ago, so it is great to return and collaborate in an area where our input into previous studies were so warmly received.

Date: November 09, 2012