The Channels

Client – Home Group  Architect – John Thompson Partners  Role – Civil & Structural Engineers


The Channels site contains a number of landscape features which were considered important for the enhancement and protection of species within the ecological environment such as great crested newts, badgers and reptiles. For a site with 280 plots and one apartment block building, we have designed a total of 12 different house types, each with up to three variations. The project is currently in the construction stage and progressing well.

Project Delivery

  • In-depth consultation reconciling stakeholder needs and aspirations with local planning requirements.
  • Development of a new community providing 650 homes within neighbourhoods of low, medium and high density.
  • Design of an integrated masterplan with high connectivity to the NCAAP set within a network of open space, and mature planting.
  • A proposal that minimises environmental impact through the retention and enhancement of biodiversity networks including ‘green’ and ‘aquatic corridors’.
  • A phased plan masterplan including the relocation of the existing golf course to a new site.
Date: June 12, 2018