Burgh Road

Client – HomeGroup; Architect – P + HS Architects;   Role – Civil and Structural Engineering.

Project summary

Burgh Road; Levels and Value Engineering

Burgh Road is a proposed 83-unit housing development on the edge of Carlisle. The existing site is a very steep 1:8 slope which required careful consideration to include suitable access to each plot as well as meet adoptable standards. Given the steep conditions, the site displayed considerable need for retaining structures, and it was inevitable that they would be required as part of the initial development aspirations. We assisted Home Group by adopting a different approach to the levels strategy; we modelled the site on Civils 3D to significantly reduce the amount of retaining required by manipulating gradients on approach routes, maximising the use of ramps, utilising flag-on-edge and carefully considering plot finished floor levels. As part of the exercise we used Revit to collate our levels model and P&HS Architects’ house type design to create a 3D render of the site (check out the visual of our Revit model image!). Planning has now been resubmitted and we hope that all the positives changes will enhance the local area.

Date: August 21, 2020